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The Truth About Estate Planning:
Tuesday Sep. 30, 2014
Tuesday Oct 28, 2014
Tuesday Dec 19, 2014
Tuesday Jan 20, 2015
Tuesday Feb 24, 2015
Tuesday Mar 31, 2015
Tuesday May 19, 2015

Topics Include: Counseling vs. word processing – what are you really paying for; wills vs. trusts; living wills; powers of attorney; probate – what is it?; why most living trusts do not work when needed and do not avoid probate as planned; leave your assets to loved ones potentially protected from divorce/creditors; how legal fees are determined and strategies to significantly reduce your overall costs; what is trust funding and why is it ESSENTIAL to the success of a living trust; how often should I update my estate plan; types of taxes and more!

Medicaid and You:
Tuesday Sep 23, 2014
Tuesday Nov 4, 2014
Tuesday Dec 16, 2014
Tuesday Jan 27, 2015
Tuesday Mar 3, 2015
Tuesday Apr 21, 2015
Topics Include:
Dispel the dangerous myths and misconceptions associated with Medicaid qualification, spend down, assets, and discover how to successfully obtain eligibility. Learn the real facts of Medicaid law and see how to save up to 100% of your assets! The course addresses all forms of Medicaid but focuses on nursing home Medicaid for married and single applicants.

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National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

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" ... the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough."  Abraham Lincoln

At our firm we strive to live by those words. We promise that we will never compromise our integrity to pursue business; that is our pledge to you!  Our practice philosophy is founded upon small town values and forming long lasting client relationships and not simply transactions.
Each family is different - how can the same set of "documents" work for every family?!

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You probably don’t carry your all important powers of attorney around with you, so when you need them the DocuBank service ensures that your health care power of attorney/living will, HIPAA authorization, and other important medical information will be available at the hospital within minutes!


At the Law Office of Jack W. Bolling PC, we provide a 1 year gift membership to DocuBank at no additional cost to our clientsClients that stay in our estate plan update and maintenance program are re-enrolled each year FREE!
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 Be sure to carry your DocuBank Emergency Access Card in your wallet -- next to your driver’s license or health insurance card -- at all times.

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