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Elaine J. Bolling, Law Practice Manager

  • The financial administration of the law office including book-keeping, billing, bank account reconciliation and debt recovery
  • Completing and filing tax documents, employee tax and monthly payroll payments
  • Working with accountants to provide documentation and information required for the purpose of completing annual accounts and returns
  • Managing cash-flow and credit control
  • Banking duties including checking and processing payments.
  • Preparing financial reports including cash-flow forecasts, unpaid bills, profit and loss, and expense budgets
  • Maintaining office records
  • Assist with staffing and hiring

Elaine Bolling - Law Practice Manager




Legacy LifeLines

Our unique approach to estate planning

An avid history buff, Milford attorney Jack W. Bolling is passionate about keeping the past alive for future generations. He is just as interested in preserving your family's legacy by helping you make decisions that will keep your memory alive through your children and grandchildren. With a deep respect and passion for history, Bolling is pleased that his practice can help families see their past and plan their future. "History comes alive to me while conducting my practice and learning about my client families," Bolling said. "It gives me a sense of the past and a vision for the future - exactly what I want to bring to my clients."

Jack has trademarked his approach to the estate planning process and accompanying legal services as Legacy LifeLines™. His unique process consists of three steps:

  • Personalized, individual counseling and plan design. Not just filling out forms!
  • Important funding of the revocable living trust. If your assets aren’t owned correctly your estate plan will fail!
  • Lastly, an on-going client update and maintenance plan that is unique to Jack's practice.

Jack encourages his clients to think beyond their financial matters and look into their own life's fulfillment by asking themselves questions like: What and who really matters most to me? What legacy do I really want to leave behind? "Through proper planning, it is possible to provide for your long-term care while preserving assets for you and your loved ones," Bolling said. "Why should you give up what you've worked your whole life for just because you or your spouse becomes ill?" These important life questions are all the more reason that Bolling expanded his practice to include Medicaid and VA planning, and he helps families with trust and probate estate settlement.